Thursday, July 21, 2011

What can you expect from J.M. Tresaugue's short story collection??

Somewhere in the depths within us all we possess good and evil, honorable and shameful, ugly and beautiful.  J.M. Tresaugue’s Shadows Beyond the Flames and Other Stories proves just that.  Within each of us we have the power to do great good, and in the blink of an eye, we can turn into a depraved, immoral human being.  You find variations of these human characteristics within the contents of stories such as The Manual and Sometimes Always.  However, within Graphic Burn we are given a glimpse of what being a better person truly means. 

There are stories that grip us, stories that shake us to our cores, and stories that inspire. The stories contained within this volume touch on a little of everything; from the macabre, to the hopeful, but mainly the darkness within us.  You won’t be disappointed with the variety of science fiction, horror, fantasy, strange, unusual, and revenge thrown in for good measure in Shadows Beyond the Flames and Other Stories.  J.M. Tresaugue’s crafting of a story is a brilliant exercise in literature.

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