Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, how are sales going you ask??

Well, they are happening, not like Rome was built in a day! With the current Birthday Month promotion going on we are finding more downloads at for the book, and now it is available on (see link to book) and have seen one person buy it! All writers start somewhere, at one point even Stephen King had to have his first sale! We'd love to start seeing some reviews coming in, even ones that are less than favorable! As a writer, all feedback is important and welcome, at least if you're worth your salt! If you can't listen to the positive and negative with equality, then you will never improve your writing technique. Too manywriters are just in it to pump out book after book, not caring if their book merits a purchase with someone's hard-earned money, but too concerned with their royalties. Yes, royalties are great! Not gonna lie to you, that is a big reason for becoming published, but if you don't care about your writing, those sales and revenue will never happen, period. J.M. and I find it important to nurture his relationship with other writers, particularly indie writers, and word-of-mouth goes a long way. We  find ourselves re-Tweeting for fellow authors, re-posting Facebook announcements, in the hopes that they will do the same for J.M. and reach folks who would otherwise have never heard of him. So, please consider going to Smashwords and getting your free download for multiple ereaders during the month of September, no coupon code needed, and please review it when you are done! If you like to financially support your indie authors, consider "Shadows Beyond The Flames" on as an option! Thanks and enjoy!

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